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Eassos PartitionGuru

Eassos PartitionGuru Pro Crack is an application for making more space in the hard disk by making the partition of the data and then you can keep the data in the different drivers. You can save the data when you keep the data in different partitions and can make them clear to your computer. This app can also provide a backup of all your data and help you to restore the data when you delete it by mistake. Only this app can manage the data by keeping it in different places. you can make a new space by deleting some data. You can also keep your data hidden and make space and the data will not get space from the hard disk.

If you have any important files on driver D and driver C. If you see that there is an issue with the virus then you cannot open the file then you can transfer the files and keep it saved. Sometimes your files become deleted due to these viruses. Then you can recover all this data with this app.

Sometimes you get the data from other devices and you do not know the data can affect the other data that is saved on your computer. This app does this work when you transfer the data from other devices to these devices where you have this app it will show you the notification that the data is free from any issue or has some type of issue, and then this app keeps all your data fully protected on the storage devices. You can delete all those files that are corrupted. And become the cause of damaging data.


  • Through this app, you can create a new section in the hard drives without using the extra sources.
  • This app you can also use this for keeping important data. Because it can save very sensitive data with full protection.
  • If you have any important files in the USB now the USB data is formatted fully. Then you can plug the USB into those devices where you have the app. You can recover the data without any issues if you have images, documents, and other media on the USB.
  • If your system has 64 bits and 32-bit GB, this app can easily run. And also works with all windows without the fulfillment of any requirements. This app can work and give you 100% benefits for doing the work.
  • It checks your PC regularly. And deleted the damaged files which are not working, only occupying the space.VueScan

Eassos PartitionGuru key

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This app you can use without any training:

This app you can use only by installing it and then you can see the demo without any training to do this work. You will not need any specific guidance for making the partitions. You can split the disk into different parts. And if your disk becomes short and the data is large, then you can change the size.

You can fix the data :

Through this app, you can repair the data from the disk from the hard drives and the USB.

The environment of this app is very friendly: 

The environment of this app is very friendly. Every person can use this app without any limitations.


This app you can use or organize specific types of data on a specific drive. You can retrieve it anytime you want. If you are keeping all the documents in one folder and there is not now enough space for keeping more data then you can extend the storage space through this app and can keep the data in the drivers.

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